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More volatile hardware accesses.

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2 =============================================================================
3 im700.c -- external declarations
4 =============================================================================
7#pragma once
9#include "asgdsp.h"
10#include "fields.h"
11#include "instdsp.h"
12#include "libdsp.h"
13#include "midas.h"
14#include "objdefs.h"
15#include "score.h"
16#include "slice.h"
17#include "smdefs.h"
18#include "stdint.h"
19#include "vsdd.h"
20#include "wsdsp.h"
23 =============================================================================
24 external variables
25 =============================================================================
28extern volatile uint16_t *asgob;
29extern volatile uint16_t *consl;
30extern volatile uint16_t *cursl;
31extern volatile uint16_t *instob;
32extern volatile uint16_t *librob;
33extern volatile uint16_t *menuob;
34extern volatile uint16_t *nxtsl;
35extern volatile uint16_t *obj0;
36extern volatile uint16_t *obj1;
37extern volatile uint16_t *obj2;
38extern volatile uint16_t *obj3;
39extern volatile uint16_t *obj4;
40extern volatile uint16_t *obj5;
41extern volatile uint16_t *obj6;
42extern volatile uint16_t *obj7;
43extern volatile uint16_t *obj8;
44extern volatile uint16_t *obj9;
45extern volatile uint16_t *obj10;
46extern volatile uint16_t *obj11;
47extern volatile uint16_t *obj12;
48extern volatile uint16_t *obj13;
49extern volatile uint16_t *obj14;
50extern volatile uint16_t *obj15;
51extern volatile uint16_t *prvsl;
52extern volatile uint16_t *saddr;
53extern volatile uint16_t *tunob;
54extern volatile uint16_t *vtobj;
55extern volatile uint16_t *waveob;
57extern int16_t admctl;
58extern int16_t adnamsw;
59extern struct octent *adoct;
60extern int16_t aflag;
61extern int16_t aform;
62extern int16_t amplval;
63extern int16_t ancmsw;
64extern int16_t angroup;
65extern int16_t anrs[8][16];
66extern int16_t asgfks;
67extern int16_t asghit;
68extern int16_t asgmod;
69extern struct asgent asgtab[NASGS];
70extern int16_t asig;
71extern int16_t asmode;
72extern int16_t astat;
73extern int16_t auxctl;
74extern int16_t aval;
75extern int16_t bform;
76extern int16_t catin;
77extern int16_t cents;
78extern struct fet *cfetp;
79extern int16_t cflag;
80extern int16_t chtime;
81extern int16_t chwait;
82extern int16_t clkctl;
83extern int16_t clkrun;
84extern int16_t clksrc;
85extern int16_t cmfirst;
86extern int16_t cmtype;
87extern int16_t cnote;
88extern int16_t crate0[];
89extern int16_t crate1[];
90extern int16_t crate2[];
91extern struct selbox *csbp;
92extern int16_t ctrsw;
93extern int16_t curasg;
94extern struct selbox *curboxp;
95extern struct fet *curfet;
96extern int16_t curfunc;
97extern int16_t curgrp;
98extern int16_t curhold;
99extern int16_t curinst;
100extern uint16_t curintp;
101extern int16_t curmop;
102extern int16_t curpnt;
103extern int16_t curpos;
104extern int16_t cursbox;
105extern int16_t curscor;
106extern int16_t cursect;
107extern int16_t curslim;
108extern int16_t curtun;
109extern int16_t curvce;
110extern int16_t curwave;
111extern int16_t curwdth;
112extern int16_t curwfnl;
113extern int16_t curwhrm;
114extern int16_t curwhrv;
115extern int16_t curwoff;
116extern int16_t curwpnt;
117extern int16_t curwslt;
118extern int16_t cvtime;
119extern int16_t cvwait;
120extern int16_t cxrate;
121extern int16_t cxval;
122extern int16_t cyrate;
123extern int16_t cyval;
124extern int16_t debugne;
125extern int16_t debugsw;
126extern int16_t defect;
127extern uint16_t dfbuf[4096];
128extern int16_t dferror;
129extern int16_t dfsides;
130extern int16_t dftype;
131extern int16_t dsp_ok;
132extern int16_t dubsw;
133extern int16_t ebflag;
134extern int16_t editss;
135extern int16_t editsw;
136extern int16_t endflg;
137extern int16_t ext_cv1;
138extern int16_t ext_cv2;
139extern int16_t ext_cv3;
140extern int16_t ext_cv4;
141extern int16_t ext_mod;
142extern struct fcat filecat[FCMAX];
143extern struct gdsel *gdfsep;
144extern struct gdsel gdfsl[MAXFSL];
145extern struct gdsel *gdstbc[NGDSEL];
146extern struct gdsel *gdstbn[NGDSEL];
147extern struct gdsel *gdstbp[NGDSEL];
148extern int16_t gomode;
149extern int16_t grp2prt[12][2];
150extern int16_t grptran;
151extern int16_t gtmsel;
152extern int16_t hcwval;
153extern int16_t hitbox;
154extern int16_t hitcx;
155extern int16_t hitcy;
156extern struct s_entry *hplist[N_SCORES][N_TYPES];
157extern int16_t idcfsw;
158extern struct instdef idefs[NINST];
159extern int16_t idimsw;
160extern int16_t idintmp;
161extern int16_t idnamsw;
162extern struct octent *idoct;
163extern int16_t idsrcsw;
164extern int16_t idtdat;
165extern int16_t imflag;
166extern struct fet *infetp;
167extern int16_t initcfg;
168extern int16_t insmode;
169extern int16_t ismode;
170extern int16_t lampio;
171extern int16_t lampsw;
172extern int16_t lasgsw;
173extern int16_t lastam;
174extern int16_t ldelsw;
175extern int16_t lderrsw;
176extern struct mlibhdr ldhead;
177extern int16_t ldidsiz;
178extern int16_t ldkind;
179extern struct octent *ldoct;
180extern int16_t ldpass;
181extern int16_t ldrow;
182extern int16_t ldslot;
183extern int16_t legato;
184extern struct s_entry *libsp;
185extern int16_t lksel;
186extern int16_t lmwtype;
187extern int16_t loadrow;
188extern int16_t loadsw;
189extern int16_t loctab[9];
190extern int16_t lorchl;
191extern int16_t lorchsw;
192extern int16_t lorclsw;
193extern int16_t lpatsw;
194extern int16_t lrasw;
195extern int16_t lscrsw;
196extern int16_t lselsw;
197extern int16_t lseqsw;
198extern int16_t lstbgnc;
199extern struct n_entry *lstbgns[NLSTENTS];
200extern int16_t lstendc;
201extern struct n_entry *lstends[NLSTENTS];
202extern int16_t lstflag;
203extern int16_t lstrsw;
204extern int16_t lstwoff;
205extern int16_t lstwpnt;
206extern int16_t ltagged;
207extern int16_t ltunsw;
208extern int16_t lwavsw;
209extern int16_t mascntr;
210extern int16_t mdb1;
211extern int16_t mdb2;
212extern struct octent *mdoct;
213extern int16_t michan;
214extern int16_t midiclk;
215extern int16_t midigo;
216extern int16_t mistat;
217extern struct EXFILE mphead;
218extern int16_t nchwait;
219extern int16_t ncvwait;
220extern int16_t ndisp;
221extern struct nevent *nefree;
222extern struct nevent *nelist;
223extern struct nevent nevents[NNEVTS];
224extern int16_t newflag;
225extern int16_t nkdown;
226extern int16_t notenum;
227extern int16_t noteop;
228extern int16_t notepit;
229extern int16_t notesel;
230extern int16_t npts;
231extern int16_t nxtflag;
232extern int16_t oldltag;
233extern int16_t oldpk;
234extern int16_t oldsl;
235extern struct s_entry *p_bak;
236extern struct s_entry *p_cbgn;
237extern struct s_entry *p_cend;
238extern struct s_entry *p_ctr;
239extern struct s_entry *p_cur;
240extern struct s_entry *p_fwd;
241extern struct n_entry *p_nbeg;
242extern struct n_entry *p_nend;
243extern struct s_entry *p_sbgn;
244extern struct s_entry *p_sec1;
245extern struct s_entry *p_sec2;
246extern struct s_entry *p_send;
247extern int16_t pchsw;
248extern int16_t pecase;
249extern struct s_entry *peg;
250extern struct pflent pfents[NPFENTS];
251extern struct pflent *pflist;
252extern struct pflent *pfqhdr;
253extern int16_t pkctrl;
254extern struct instpnt *pntptr;
255extern int16_t pntsv;
256extern int16_t prgchan;
257extern int16_t ps_dpth;
258extern int16_t ps_intn;
259extern int16_t ps_rate;
260extern int16_t pulsclk;
261extern int16_t recsw;
262extern int16_t runit;
263extern int16_t sbase;
264extern int16_t scmctl;
265extern struct s_entry *scores[N_SCORES];
266extern struct s_entry *scp;
267extern uint16_t scrl;
268extern int16_t scrlpot;
269extern int16_t sctctab[10][64];
270extern int16_t sd;
271extern int16_t sdmcol;
272extern int16_t sdmctl;
273extern int16_t sdmrow;
274extern int16_t se;
275extern struct s_entry *seclist[N_SCORES][N_SECTS];
276extern int16_t secop;
277extern int16_t secopok;
278extern int16_t sgcsw;
279extern int16_t sgoflag;
280extern int16_t sharp;
281extern int16_t sigtab[128][2];
282extern struct scndx sindex[N_SCORES];
283extern struct s_entry *size1;
284extern struct s_entry *size2;
285extern struct s_entry *size3;
286extern uint16_t slices[896];
287extern int16_t sliders;
288extern struct sment sments[192];
289extern int16_t soffset;
290extern int16_t ss_ptsw;
291extern int16_t ss_sqsw;
292extern int16_t stccol;
293extern int16_t stcrow;
294extern int16_t stepclk;
295extern int16_t stepenb;
296extern int16_t stepint;
297extern int16_t stepwgt;
298extern struct s_time stimes[N_SCORES][N_SECTS];
299extern int16_t subj;
300extern int16_t submenu;
301extern int16_t swback;
302extern int16_t swctrl;
303extern int16_t swdelta;
304extern int16_t swdir;
305extern int16_t swfiin;
306extern int16_t swflag;
307extern int16_t swlast;
308extern int16_t swndx;
309extern int16_t swstop;
310extern int16_t swthr;
311extern int16_t swtime;
312extern int16_t swwait;
313extern int16_t tagslot;
314extern int16_t tdnamsw;
315extern struct octent *tdoct;
316extern int16_t temax;
317extern int16_t temin;
318extern int16_t testing;
319extern int16_t tglclk;
320extern int16_t tglpch;
321extern int16_t thcwval;
322extern int16_t thescore;
323extern int16_t timemlt;
324extern int16_t tkback;
325extern int16_t tkctrl;
326extern int16_t tkrmin;
327extern int16_t tkthr;
328extern int16_t tktime;
329extern int16_t tkwait;
330extern int16_t tmpomlt;
331extern int16_t tmpoval;
332extern uint16_t tmultab[];
333extern int16_t trkball;
334extern int16_t ttcmdsv;
335extern int16_t ttsel1;
336extern int16_t ttsel2;
337extern int16_t ttsel3;
338extern int16_t tuneval;
339extern int16_t tunlib[NTUNS][128];
340extern int16_t tunmod;
341extern int16_t tunval;
342extern int16_t tvcwval;
343extern int16_t txfiin;
344extern int16_t txflag;
345extern int16_t txlast;
346extern int16_t txstop;
347extern int16_t tyfiin;
348extern int16_t tyflag;
349extern int16_t tylast;
350extern int16_t tystop;
351extern struct valent valents[NGPSRS];
352extern int16_t varmode[8][16];
353extern struct instdef vbufs[12];
354extern int16_t vcwval;
355extern int16_t velflag;
356extern int16_t verbose;
357extern int16_t vlbtype;
358extern struct sment *vpsms[192];
359extern int16_t vrbw08;
360extern int16_t vrbw09;
361extern int16_t vrbw10;
362extern int16_t vrbw11;
363extern int16_t vrbw12;
364extern int16_t vrbw13;
365extern int16_t vrbw14;
366extern int16_t vrbw15;
367extern int16_t vrcw;
368extern uint16_t vtbgval;
369extern int16_t vtccol;
370extern int16_t vtcrow;
371extern int8_t vtdechr;
372extern int16_t vtdecol;
373extern uint16_t vtfgval;
374extern int16_t vtpcol;
375extern int16_t vtprow;
376extern int16_t vtwcol;
377extern int16_t vtwrow;
378extern int16_t vtxval;
379extern int16_t vtyval;
380extern int16_t wcflag;
381extern int16_t wcmcol;
382extern int16_t wcmrow;
383extern int16_t wcpage;
384extern struct octent *wdoct;
385extern int16_t wdupdfl;
386extern int16_t wmcsel;
387extern int16_t wmctag;
388extern int16_t wplast;
389extern int16_t wpntsv;
390extern int16_t wshmax;
391extern struct wstbl wslib[NUMWAVS];
392extern int16_t wsnmod[12][2];
393extern int16_t wvlast;
394extern int16_t xkcount;
395extern int16_t xkstat;
396extern int16_t xycntr;
397extern int16_t ykcount;
398extern int16_t ykstat;
401 =============================================================================
402 external functions
403 =============================================================================
406extern void clrpfl(void);
407extern void im700(void);
408extern void inismtb(void);
409extern int16_t valof(int16_t srcv);
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