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    99At this point, the firmware works pretty well when run in the emulator. However, we do not yet generate any sound. The code that drives the Buchla 700's digital sound generator - the //FPU// - is not part of the released source code. Now that we have the user interface up and running, our next job will be to reconstruct the FPU.
    11 == Installing and using the emulator ==
     11== Installing the emulator ==
    13 Installing: Lorem ipsum.
     13The current version of the emulator is 0.1. There is a single ZIP archive available for download, which contains the executables for OS X, Linux, as well as Windows: []
     15In order to run the emulator, please proceed as follows:
     17  - Download [].
     19  - Unpack the downloaded ZIP archive. This will give you a directory named `buchla-0.1`.
     21  - On OS X, run `buchla-os-x` from inside this directory. We tested on OS X versions 10.11 and 10.13.
     23  - On Linux, run `buchla-linux` from inside this directory. We tested with Debian 8 and Ubuntu 18.04. As Debian 8 is relatively old, older Ubuntu releases, such as 16.04, should work as well.
     25  - On Windows, run `buchla-win.exe` from inside this directory. We tested on Windows 8 and Windows 10.
     26    - Note that Windows may unpack the ZIP archive, such that you end up with a `buchla-0.1` directory nested inside another `buchla-0.1` directory.
     27    - The `.exe` file extension may or may not be shown. So, you might not see `buchla-win.exe`, but `buchla-win`.
     29== Using the emulator ==
    1531Approaching the 700 with a modern perspective on usability can be frustrating. There is however a certain logic to the structure of the mouse and keyboard commands. In order to make use easer, we have created a manual to document the functions of the 700. It can be viewed here: